Hunting With Blinds

There are many types of stands and hunting blinds available, but which one will be the most comfortable, the most concealing, and the most luxurious? That would have to be an Amish-Built Deer Blind. These hunting blinds have many benefits and can make your time in the outdoors that much more enjoyable.

Advantages: The biggest pro, in my opinion, is how well 12-point hunting blinds conceal you. You can get away with much more movement and noise when you are inside a hunting blind. They cover so much of your area that the deer can’t see you, and they also conceal you in the most important way: your scent. Everyone knows that hiding from the whitetail’s nose is one of the most important things to do, but also probably the hardest. Well when you are in one of these hunting blinds, the wind can’t push your scent around, because you are completely enclosed. So, take the risk of having a bad wind and put it behind you.

Uses: Stoltzfus Structures’ hunting blinds are also great for extremely cold and windy days. Nothing is worse than having limited time to hunt and enduring brutal temperatures. Often, rain and wind may ruin it for you. You don’t have to worry about such things with a blind to protect you. You are protected from the elements, which gives you all the more reason to stay out in the bad weather just a little longer, because you never know when that buck of a lifetime may come walking out.

Features: The most overlooked and maybe one of the most important features of a hunting blind is that they help get the kids outdoors. It is hard and sometimes unsafe to take young kids out and set them in a regular open tree stand, where they often move around too much or make too much noise. With a 12-point hunting blind, they can sit in it, be concealed, make a little noise, and still have a good chance of seeing deer and creating a positive memory for their first hunts.

Options: Hunting blinds like these can be used in many situations and can be very beneficial. You can put them right on the ground, or, even better, you can elevate them with a stand structure to get off the ground and survey more terrain. Regardless of how you use them, your hunting blinds will be an integral part of any hunting trip.

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