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    Our Google Reviews
    Matt Esh
    Matt Esh
    These blinds are built well, and the company is great!
    Kevin Zynn
    Kevin Zynn
    The absolute best hunting blind I have ever used. I have 2 of the 6'x6' Double Barrel blinds. Plenty of room for two people and all your gear. Mine are insulated making them warm and quiet. The deer have no idea you are even there.
    heather zynn
    heather zynn
    Purchased 2 insulated 12 point hunting blinds for fall hunting season, and stayed warm. My family and I enjoyed our time more comfortably while being sheltered from the elements and waiting for the perfect shot. Easy to set up and level, incredibly quiet open and close windows, nicely tinted to keep us hidden. Absolutely recommend if you're looking to be comfortable, warm and sheltered while you await your perfect opportunity.
    Jen Zook
    Jen Zook
    I had the opportunity to hunt out of a 12 point blind recently and I absolutely loved it! It had lots of room and silent windows, warm and kept the scent in. Anyone looking for a blind these are great! 10-10 experience!
    Jim Stewart
    Jim Stewart
    The “Condo” blind is absolutely the best stand I’ve ever owned! I looked at several other local blind companies and nothing comes close to the quietness and quality! Their install process ( see pictures) was so safe and easy. Four three foot long steel rods keep the stand from moving or tilting in high winds. The 50 year roof and siding guarantee convinced me the purchase was worth it. This blind will last for generations.
    Terry Hertzog
    Terry Hertzog
    Best product on the market in my opinion! Quiet windows, more inside height than others, insulation, bottom entry, etc. This is our eighth blind...I wish all of the previous purchases would have been 12 Point! Great customer service...thanks Omar!
    Marcus B.
    Marcus B.
    Honest company and great customer service! After looking into multiple name brand companies, it was not a hard decision to settle on 12 Point Hunting Blinds. High quality materials, solid construction, and quiet windows with pulleys and weights - these guys care about the details! We wanted them 16' high and installed on a slope - Omar provided great customer service and did a thorough job of installing them. Highly recommend if you want a good customer experience and a stand that will last!
    Charles Bancroft
    Charles Bancroft
    First rate. I have tried several other elevated blinds. 12 point hunting blinds are hands down the best. Omar helped my wife and I set ours up. He is very kind and professional. All around a 5 star experience.
    Sadie Riehl
    Sadie Riehl
    Amazing service and product, absolutely recommend, sales person was Omar, very professional and helpful.
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