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The 6’ x 6’ Double Barrel


Standard Features Included

  • Pressure Treated Floor Joist
  • 5/8″ Wood Flooring with Carpet
  • Painted Smartside Wood Exterior with 50 year Warranty
  • 7′ Side Walls
  • Lockable Entry Door
  • Painted Interior
  • 8- Stealth Slide Tinted Windows
  • Heavy Duty Rubber Roof

Product Overview

The 6×6′ Double Barrel is the ultimate hunting blind for those that like to hunt with family and friends and enjoy staying warm, cozy, and on point.

Using a hunting blind ensures you have plenty of time to focus on your prey and take that perfect shot at just the right time. Super safe and secure, all these blinds will make your hunting season more successful. Stay longer, stay warm, stay dry, and make that shot!

Shipping / Pickup

We ship to the continental US, and also offer Local Pickup!

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